Temporary labor market subsidy for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can temporarily receive labor market subsidy, due to the sudden and surprising decrease of demand caused by the corona virus epidemic. This applies to all entrepreneurs, regardless of the form of the company.

You must register as a job seeker to AMS. If you are an entrepreneur and have registered as a job seeker no later than April 15 2020, you can have the right to receive labor market subsidy from March 16 2020, even if you were not registered at that time. However, it is only possible to receive subsidy from the time where the conditions are met.

The conditions for relieving labor market subsidy is

  • that the entrepreneurs work has ceased full-time due to the corona virus epidemic, or
  • that the income from the company, due to the corona virus, is less than 1 089,67 euro per month for each person who works in the company as an entrepreneur

Subsidy can be paid until June 30, 2020.

It is not a requirement that the company activity has to cease to receive this subsidy.

How can an entrepreneur apply for labor market subsidy?

Register as a job seeker

Start by register as a job seeker. This is necessary for being able to have the rights to temporary labor market subsidy for entrepreneurs.

Here you can register as a job seeker in AMS’s e-services

Apply for labor market subsidy no earlier than two weeks after the change

You must first register as a job seeker. You can apply for labor market subsidy, no earlier than two weeks, after your full-time employment has ceased or after your income from your company has decreased substantially. However, if you still work in the company, you can submit your application at the earliest after four weeks.

The law on entrepreneurs’ rights to unemployment benefits applies June 30, 2020.