Courses in Swedish language

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SFI - Intensive courses in Swedish for Immigrants

SFI is a labour market training scheme available to immigrant job seekers who need to improve their Swedish. The courses are funded by the Government of Åland (Department of Education and Culture).

Who can study SFI?

Admission requirements: You must

  • be a resident of Åland,
  • be covered by the Finnish social security system (FPA) and
  • be registered as a job seeker at AMS (the Åland Job Centre).

Course Content

The course focus is on language and communication. This includes the four language skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing. Cultural and social studies, information about the job market, career guidance and practical experience are also included.

For more information, contact Medis.


General courses in Swedish

Medis also arranges so-called general courses in Swedish, which are not part of the SFI system. These courses are a good alternative if you are not able to study SFI. Classes are held once or twice a week, usually in the evenings. General courses are offered on a first come - first served basis and a fee is charged. For more information, see the Medis course catalouge.


Source: The text and all the information about swedish courses in this part of the website are picked up from the Medis brochure Swedish for Foreigners. You can find it on Medis.